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March 17, 2016

Launch Book Review

Launch by Jeff Walker

Title: Launch – An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Author: Jeff Walker

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Published: 2014

ISBN-10: 1-4711-4316-3

ISBN-13: 978-1-47114-316-8

Format: Paperback & Digital

Launch by Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is well known in Internet marketing circles as being the pioneer of the ‘online product launch', a strategy he developed for selling products and services in his stocks & shares information business that he started back in 1996. He has perfected his “Product Launch Formula” over the last 18 years or so and in this book he describes in step by step detail exactly how the Product Launch Formula works, and more.

With raving testimonials from the likes of Dan Sullivan, Eban Pagan, Darren Hardy, Randy Gage, Paul Myers and many others, Launch is definitely a book worth reading.

The first couple of chapters of the book, describe how Jeff started his highly successful online career and how he came to realise over time that he had developed a method of marketing that appeared to be totally unique.

Jeff provides an aerial view of the Product Launch Formula and how it differs from conventional Internet marketing techniques. He explains that marketing is no more than a conversation between the marketer and potential customer, and the whole process of a product launch is to maximise the effectiveness of that conversation by splitting it in to three logical sequences – the Pre-prelaunch, the Prelaunch, the Launch sequence.

Over the next few chapters, Jeff introduces you to some of his students and uses their case studies to illustrate each part of the product launch in much finer detail. He covers the immense benefit of building an email list of prospects and clients, describing it as THE core strategy of the online business model and provides effective methods of how to build those lists.

Jeff then introduces the concept of the “sideways sales letter”, which rather that delivering a sales message in one long continuous page of copy (as is traditionally done in direct marketing), the pre-prelaunch, prelaunch and launch sequences are instead delivered over time as short but powerful messages combined with free high-value training. The effect is to create massive engagement with the audience, whilst at the same time creating a “buzz” and excitement around the subject of the forthcoming launch event.

A whole chapter is devoted to the psychology of the product launch sequences, the mental triggers that are used, why and when they are used and the effect of layering triggers throughout the process.

The next section of the book takes a far more detailed look at each of the marketing sequences, with a chapter devoted to each one. The exact purpose of each sequence is discussed, with examples of how each part of the marketing message is delivered along with content order and timing of delivery. I love the way that through out his narrative, Jeff provides a clear insight as to the aim of each part of the launch process, what it's intended to achieve and that he also provides example templates for the structure of each sequence.

What is really useful, is the inclusion of how to deal with things that could potentially go wrong during a product launch.

The final chapters of the Launch, take a look at how the product launch can be used to actually create a business from scratch (with the Seed Launch), how to dramatically scale a product launch by leveraging the power of JV partnerships and how the Product Launch Formula can be expanded to become the core strategy for an entire business model. Jeff ends the book with a couple of chapters that provide some extremely valuable advice and tips on creating a business you love and includes some great advice about living the life of your dreams.


Whether you are a seasoned Internet Marketer or completely new to the online business world, the Launch provides a fascinating insight to the psychology and methodology behind the online product launch. Jeff Walker's easy conversational style of writing and the way he includes student case studies to articulate particular topics of discussion, bring the book to life. The strategies discussed are applicable to the marketing of physical, digital and service based products alike. There is more than enough actionable information within this book to warrant it being a must-have reference to have readily to hand as you grow your online business.

I hope you've enjoyed this review of Jeff Walker's Launch, and I encourage you to leave a comment below if you have found it of interest. I would also be very interested to hear of your own experiences of either the book, or Jeff's Product Launch Formula program.

Until next time,


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