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DotCom Secrets
Email Marketing , Funnels / February 15, 2016

DotCom Secrets Book Review Title: DotCom Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online Author: Russell Brunson Publisher: Morgan James Publishing Published: April 2015 ISBN-10: 1-63047-477-0 ISBN-13: 978-1-63047-477-5 Format: Paperback, eBook DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson In Dan Kennedy’s forward to this free book, he says the following: “While teaching you about the ‘shiny’ secrets of the Internet, he [Russell Brunson] shows you how to build these tactics and strategies into your business on solid ground – tactics and strategies founded in true direct-response marketing. It is your responsibility to resist the seduction of short-lived, bright and shiny lures….” Dan goes on to say: “This book offers solid ground in the very ethreal world of online marketing and concepts. …..” “…. In truth, this is a solid book about reliable marketing ‘secrets’ that can be applied to ‘dot.com’ business activities…..” So what is the DotCom Secrets all about? In the introduction, Russell himself refers to the book as “a playbook for creating marketing funnels…… It is an evergreen guide.” But it is actually far more than that. The book is divided into five sections, each covering the essential elements of creating highly effective and scaleable systems for any…

The Circle Of Profit
Affiliate Marketing , Email Marketing / February 12, 2016

The Circle Of Profit Book Review Title: The Circle of Profit – Edition #2: How To Turn Your Passion Into $1 Million Author: Anik Singal Publisher: Lurn Inc. Published: January 2016 ISBN-10: 0-9910712-1-2 ISBN-13: 978-0-9910712-1-0 Format: Paperback (limited number), Web-lessons (with videos), Kindle.   The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal Before I start this review, I just want to make it clear that I am not an affiliate for any of the programs promoted by Anik within this book, although I have purchased my own copy of the book (free & pay shipping), which also entitled me free access the Web-lessons which were an integral part of the initial launch of this book. The book itself is divided into five main sections, each section containing their own chapters, which makes for easy navigation around the physical book as well as allowing a logical sequence to the web-lessons (which basically follows the exact format of the book but with supporting video content). The first section of the book covers Anik’s personal story of how he started his Internet business and how he formulated The Circle of Profit system. With some interesting anecdotes, illuminating statistics and stories about some of his…